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Debt collection call center

Optimal Late Stage Solutions

Late stage bad debt recovery efforts require a nuanced and intelligent approach. At CCOC we have the data and staff resources in place to locate the patient, to connect with the patient, and to properly identify each account’s disposition. We prioritize inventory intelligently and implement optimal account treatment strategies that maximize your recovery.

Analytics software to help with debt collections

Tried and True Methods

Our effective methods for handling bad debt will increase your recoveries:

  • Intelligent scoring and KPI-based queue sorting
  • Patient-Friendly Statements and Calls: We customize letters and call scripts according to your preferences ensuring a positive patient experience.
  • Real-Time Address and Phone Verification
  • Diligent Skip Efforts: We employ cutting-edge automated batch processes and also have a team of full-time skip tracers dedicated to locating the most hard-to-find patient’s location and asset information.
  • Compliant Credit Bureau Reporting to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion that is fully customizable in accordance with your standards
  • No-Cost Litigation, including execution of post-judgment remedies

Serving Healthcare Providers for Over 30 Years