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Approach to CCOC’s Collection Processes

For all of our clients, CCOC recognizes the ultimate goal of collections is to obtain full payment owed to the client and in the shortest amount of time possible. That doesn’t mean that we have to be pushy and rude. That does mean that we handle them with respect and maintain your company’s reputation. CCOC also recognizes the cultural diversity of the population we will encounter. We also use a floating translator system whereby translators assist to avoid misunderstandings over the phone.

Our company vision sees to it that we treat everyone with respect. By treating consumers with respect, we have received a far better response and more of an active role from them in making sure that the account gets paid off in a reasonable amount of time.

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Initial Action

Upon assignment, the mandatory legal notice is sent, and all relevant client files and collection information are scanned into our systems for instant retrieval by collectors. Accounts are then queued to contact the consumer via phone as soon as possible. All attempts to reach consumers is scheduled in compliance with Federal and State laws.

Collection Review & Problem Accounts

The main objectives our supervisors set out to complete are to remain on the floor to assist our associates when we have troublesome accounts over the phone. At any stage of the collection, all of the accounts that CCOC controls are subject to review by a supervisor as well. Additional review is given to accounts upon referral for legal action. Supervisors ensure company policy, the company vision, and that any client specifications are adhered to.

CCOC has a special unit that handles when accounts are disputed, require special handling or are listed as “sensitive”. Our special unit does all they can to ensure a reasonable resolution and make sure that payments are being made towards closing the account. Any special arrangements regarding pay-plans or credit reporting are made on a case-by-case basis, as requested.

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